Project Exceed is a 501©(3) fully tax-deductible, non-profit organization which focuses on providing personalized tutoring services to all students from preschool to college and beyond. We provide support to families who face financial challenges in their ability to access programs. Additionally, we also recognize those students whose diligence has allowed their efforts to progress into high academic standing. To this end, we rely upon our Advancement Office to assist us in providing the resources to support our students. Corporate donors, fundraising events, and individual donations are essential to allow us to realize our mission.

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Board of Trustees

Tyrone Harrison has been an educator for nearly two decades..

Project Exceed mourns the loss of our dedicated Board Member, Tyrone Harrison.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and the entire New Brunswick community. 

Tyrone Harrison has been an educator for nearly two decades.  A former math teacher, Mr. Harrison continues to support teachers, students, and families in pursuing education that will prepare young people for lives in the 21st Century.  Throughout his career, he has demonstrated a strong commitment to supporting students who face life challenges, especially those for whom others have lost hope.  He currently serves as a Vice Principal at New Brunswick High School.



Dr. Christine Lopez serves on the Board of Trustees and as the DirectorDr. Christine Lopez serves on the Board of Trustees and as the Director. She formed Project Exceed with a vision to provide tutoring services to any student who was committed to put forth the efforts necessary to be successful. Dr. Lopez has been an educator for over 20 years. Her background and successes as a Principal, District Supervisor, educator, librarian, child advocate and program developer demonstrate her commitment to teaching all students. She has also worked with a number of non-profit organizations and has experience in fundraising, grant writing, and inspiring donations to support the mission of an organization. Christine hopes that you will join her in her enthusiasm for Project Exceed.


Maria Santiago is a Learning Consultant and case manager.
Maria Santiago is a Learning Consultant and case manager at a high school in New Jersey. She has been an educator since 1993. She also provides in-home therapies as a Behavior Technician under the Applied Behavior Analysis model. She has 2 daughters and lives in Clark, New Jersey.  Her educator portfolio: