Does your child have a special need?

Has your child been diagnosed with a learning disability? Do they have a condition that mandates a 504 Plan?

Are you ready for the special education highway?

The stakes in special education are high. Parents need to navigate an intricate maze of special education laws, practices, and procedures. They must be knowledgeable in their child’s special education needs, be well-versed in special education law, and have the ability to build a team of experts who can assist in the development of an appropriate educational program.

Are you prepared for high stakes negotiation?

While every child is entitled to a free, appropriate education (FAPE) at public expense, the progression of testing, eligibility and IEP development does involve a level of negotiation which must be addressed in a calm, objective, and patient manner. It is essential that all aspects of the process be carefully documented. An educational advocate is a person who guides you through the special education highway.

An Educational Advocate can help!

As an educational advocate with over 20 years’ experience in a variety of aspects of education, and a parent of two special needs children, I support families negotiate with their school and district. I recognize that each child is unique and acknowledge that one approach cannot support all children. I advise on appropriate programs, teaching methods, and related services that can meet your child’s individual needs. I participate in the development and review of Individual Education Plans (IEPs), highlighting specific learning needs, especially in the area of reading. I recommend strategies that will support your child and his or her teachers. Additionally, I can attend IEP or other meetings with your child’s school and recommend independent specialists who can assist in diagnosing and documenting your child’s needs.

Feel free to reach out to schedule a consultation to discuss how my services can assist your child to achieve his or her maximum potential.